Environmental Policy

Environment Statement

Aussie Waste Management are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations through continuous improvement of existing environmental management systems.

Integrated Management Systems

Aussie Waste Management will incorporate environmental management into the company’s strategic planning process. The Company’s integrated Management System integrates environment, safety and quality into management processes and operating procedures providing a safe, healthy, environmentally conscious workplace which results in high service standards for our customers.

Legislative Compliance

Aussie Waste Management will liaise with Local, State and Federal Governments to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.

Waste Hierarchy

Aussie Waste Management will maintain close contact with customers and work with them to assess their waste management requirements and implement and operate the most appropriate system for each situation.

Best Practice Environmental Management

Aussie Waste Management will continue to focus on creating the most efficient processes and equipment with least environmental impact.

Environmental Training

Employees will be trained in general environmental awareness and specific issues relating to their allocated responsibilities. This will be done via general induction, on the job training, work procedure documentation and work practice notes.